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Ask a personal injury lawyer about automobile insurance.

Ask a personal injury lawyer about automobile insurance.

The stories I hear from potential clients are sometimes heartbreaking. Every year I receive calls from someone being sued because they did not have enough auto insurance, and they caused someone serious injuries. I usually learn that they received poor advice from an insurance broker or agent, or bought a policy on line having little knowledge of how insurance works in the real world.

Auto insurance is a complicated product and insurance companies could care less if you're properly protected. They want your money - a lot of it. Period.

So how should you buy insurance? How do you know you're getting the proper advice to protect you? Here's how - ASK A PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER! I know, we don't sell insurance. However, good Personal Injury Lawyers know HOW insurance works in the real world, and in fact, we usually know more about how insurance works than those who sell it! (I once played golf with an insurance broker who had no clue how uninsured motorist coverage worked, yet he sold it everyday.)

Every Personal Injury Lawyer I know is willing to take the time to properly advise you what insurance to buy, and the proper limits. We ask the RIGHT questions to make sure you know what you need for your family's protection, and explain WHY you need it. We really do care about making sure you're properly protected.

For 32 years, I have encouraged people to call me prior to buying or renewing their auto insurance. I have never charged for this consultation, and want nothing for it. No strings. Just call. 661-222-929.