Barry L. Edzant, Esq.

Founder & Lead Attorney

Barry L. Edzant began practicing law in 1989, joining his father’s personal injury practice. In the summer of 1996, his personal injury practice would accidentally branch off into an unexpected direction. During a family vacation, the brakes of the family's 1996 Dodge Caravan caught on fire, prompting a long and frustrating campaign of unsuccessful attempts to repair the brakes. Not knowing much about the California Lemon Law, Mr. Edzant retained an attorney who specialized in it. Within 90 days, the Edzant family had a new Dodge Caravan. Mr. Edzant then learned this intricate area of law with the help of his own attorney and would soon be representing thousands of clients for their Lemon Law matters.

Since 1997, Mr. Edzant has earned the respect of all the major auto manufacturers, local auto dealerships, and Lemon Law defense attorneys for his competence and cooperative style of practice. His goal in every case is to avoid costly and protracted litigation. However, he will not shy away from aggressively litigating Lemon Law cases when the auto manufacturer fails to cooperate with his efforts to settle. As a result, the vast majority of the cases he handles settle very quickly and painlessly.

Personal Injury cases remain an important part of Mr. Edzant’s practice. He firmly believes that injured victims deserve compensation for their injuries. Every year, automobile and medical insurance companies become more difficult in plaintiffs’ attempts to settle cases and will stop at nothing to minimize a victim’s just compensation. Nevertheless, victims’ rights are extremely important to Mr. Edzant and his team, and he will utilize all available resources to make sure a victim is treated fairly.

Mr. Edzant currently resides in the Santa Clarita Valley with his wife of 34 years and his golden retriever, Brinkley. Both of their adult children are pursuing careers in the legal profession and are currently studying law at prestigious law schools in Los Angeles. They are looking forward to becoming the third-generation attorneys in the Edzant family. When not fighting for the consumer, Mr. Edzant is an avid woodworker who designs and builds custom furniture and is also known for making delicious, authentic barbecue for family and friends.

Professional Affiliations

State Bar of California

Admitted May (1989)
The State Bar's mission is to protect the public and includes the primary functions of licensing, regulation and discipline of attorneys; the advancement of the ethical and competent practice of law; and support of efforts for greater access to, and inclusion in, the legal system.

United States District Court

Admitted July (1989)
The United States District Courts are the general trial courts of the United States federal judiciary. Both civil and criminal cases are filed in district courts, each of which is a court of law, equity, and admiralty.

Consumer Attorneys Association of California

Consumer Attorneys of California is a professional organization that represents the interests of 39 million Californians. Our member-attorneys stand for plaintiffs seeking accountability from those who do wrong.

Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles

Consumer Attorneys protect people from unsafe products, unsafe medicine, unfair business practices and unscrupulous, negligent corporate conduct. As attorneys who solely represent the interests of consumers, the CAA of Los Angeles association is a powerful advocate for victim's rights and equal access to justice.

Santa Clarita Valley Bar Association

President (2012)
The membership of the Santa Clarita Valley Bar Association, founded in 2005, includes more than 100 local attorneys dedicated to serving the Santa Clarita community.

San Fernando Valley Bar Association

Board Member (2012)
The San Fernando Valley Bar Association is one of the premier local bar associations in California. Since 1926, the SFVBA has served members and the public with distinction, and has been a strong voice for the San Fernando Valley legal community.

SCV Business Group (A Professional Networking Organization)

Past President 13 times
The SCV Business Group is the largest business networking group in the Santa Clarita Valley.

SCV Community Court

Judge since 2006
The Santa Clarita Community Court (CC) (2006) and Teen Court (TC) (1995) Juvenile Diversion programs were implemented as an alternative to the juvenile justice system to help first-time non-violent offenders learn from their mistakes, and to ensure that youth perform community services and pay their restitution here in Santa Clarita where their crime was committed.


  • California State University, Northridge
  • BA Speech Communication, Magna Cum Laude – 1984
  • Awarded as Most Outstanding Graduation Senior
  • Loyola Law School of Los Angeles
  • Doctorate of Law – 1988

Awards & Recognition

  • 2013 Lawyer of the Year Award
  • Recipient of the Phil Boozer Award
  • Member of the SCVBG Hall of Fame
  • 2017/2018 Personal Injury Attorney of the Year in Santa Clarita

Professional Experience

  • Law Offices of Edzant and Edzant, Encino, California
  • May 1989-May 1999 Associate and Partner
  • Law Offices of Barry L. Edzant, Valencia, California
  • May 1999-Present, President