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So You Think You Got Lemon?

So You Think You Got Lemon?

Congratulations! You have just paid $30,000.00 for your brand new dream car which you saved up two years to buy. It is beautiful! Special paint, chrome wheels, leather interior, upgraded engine, the works! For the first couple of weeks, you proudly showed off your gem to all of your family, friends, and co-workers. For the first nine months, your car ran like a dream. Everything was perfect – and then, after putting 8,000 miles on your car, your nightmare began.

If you think you have a lemon and want to talk with experienced California lemon law attorneys, call the law office of Barry Edzant today at 661-222-9929.

While on vacation you drive your car normally down a mountainous road when suddenly you smell burning brakes. You think it’s the truck in front of you but it’s not. Concerned, you pull over and much to your horror; your brakes are on fire! You quickly douse the fire and have the car towed to the nearest dealership several miles away. After a brief inspection, you’re told the brake pads are glazed and they are replaced.

For the next several weeks, the brakes squeak, smell, and stopping seems slow. You take it to your local dealer who tells you the brakes only need an adjustment. But afterwards, they still don’t work right. You take it in again. They now tell you nothing is wrong – even though you know there is. So you take it to a different dealer and you’re told the rotors are warped and need replacing. After ten days in the dealership, you get it back, but the brakes squeak like mad and stopping still seems poor. Not being able to take it any longer, you are now ready to drive your once loved gem off the side of a cliff.


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