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What to Do Following an Automobile Accident

What to Do Following an Automobile Accident

Make no mistake about it – automobile accidents, even minor ones, are traumatic events. Immediately following an accident, you will be nervous, scared, confused, and upset, along with a whole host of other emotions. You probably will not be thinking clearly as you quickly try to cope with the situation.

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But what YOU do at the scene of the accident can often be instrumental toward a fair and just resolution of your case. Assuming you are not seriously injured and do not require immediate medical attention, you should try to achieve the following after an accident:


  • Stay calm and collected.
  • Ascertain if anyone involved in the accident is injured. If so, call 911 immediately. Be sure you know the closest streets where the accident took place.
  • If no one is seriously injured, calling law enforcement is still a good idea. Many municipalities will not dispatch law enforcement unless there is a serious injury, or a crime is involved such as drunk driving.
  • Gather information:
    • Name, address, phone numbers of all parties and passengers.
    • Driver’s license number, class.
    • Registration. (Write down owner’s name which may be different than the driver.)
    • Year, make, model, license, company signs or advertisements on the vehicles.
    • Insurance. Write down insurance company, policy number, agent name and phone number, dates in effect.
    • Eye Witnesses – Names, addresses, and telephone numbers.
    • Name of streets.
    • The date and time of day.
  • Take Pictures. Photograph all vehicles and objects involved, the streets, debris, and if possible, the parties.
  • Note unrelated damage to the other vehicles (damage NOT caused by the accident.)
  • Note possible obstructions to the other vehicles such as window tinting, large boxes in the bed of a pick-up, broken mirrors, etc.


  • Never get angry. Getting angry at another party will not benefit anyone and could lead to an unnecessary confrontation. If the other party shows aggression toward you, walk away and call 911.
  • Never fake an injury. Insurance fraud is a crime.
  • Never argue with law enforcement about who is at fault. The more you argue, the more likely he/she will find you at fault.
  • Never leave the scene of an accident without exchanging full information.

Statistically, one of these days you will be involved in an automobile accident. Following these simple rules can help reduce your anxieties and concerns.


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