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Santa Clarita Wrongful Death Lawyer

Compassionate & Effective Representation in Los Angeles County

Without a doubt, the death of a loved one is one of the most devastating events in our lives. Whether the death of a loved one is as a result of someone else’s negligence or an intentional act, such as a shooting, no monetary compensation will ever bring back your loved one. While money damages will never bring back a person’s life, it is, unfortunately, the only type of compensation available to a grieving family member.

Crippling medical expenses, substantial loss of future income, and out-of-control funeral and burial expenses can leave a family in serious debt and uncertain about their future.

At the Law Offices of Barry Edzant, we are compassionate toward your loss and will make all efforts to vigorously pursue any form of compensation from the wrongdoer and/or the wrongdoer’s insurance. Whether it is a negligent physician, a reckless drunk driver, or a criminal assailant, our goal is to bring the family some level of comfort to ease the pain of their loss.

The unfortunate reality, however, is that there can never be enough insurance coverage to fully compensate someone for their loss. However, we do not rest comfortably until we have exhausted all potential sources for compensation, and we take our obligation very seriously to bring the wrongdoer to justice and to maximize your recovery.

Do not hesitate to call the Law Offices of Barry L. Edzant at 661-222-9929 if you or a loved one has suffered a wrongful death in Santa Clarita or elsewhere in Los Angeles County. Our personal injury lawyer can help.

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